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Allow Org Admin Has a Granular User Permission to be Configured

Today is hard to give permissions for all marketing team members. Not all of them should send messages (Email, SMS and Push), active programs, see all contacts on database and create queries and/or contact lists. User permission needs to be granular and per feature considering create, read, write, delete and some cases active or send rights.

That will allow marketing team members with different roles be able to safely work together without a chance to execute other activity like send unapproved message, active programs in development and create scorings.

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  • Jul 3 2018
  • Under Consideration
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IBM WCA doesn't have a granular user permission considering Create, Read, Write, Delete, Send (per channel: Email, SMS and Push) and Active Programs per feature. Standard User role doesn't have a granular user permission which allows Org Admins define if an user can or not active a program; SMS and Push sending rights; create/read/delete or not sms and push templates (some of them will only create programs); create/read/delete or not programs; create/read/delete scoring.

What is your industry? Computer Services
What is the idea priority? High
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    Guest commented
    July 03, 2018 18:32

    I would also find more granular permissions to be useful and more secure for our org. In particular, I'd like to have separate permissions to allow users to view / edit / enable or disable programs. And separate permissions to view / create queries that don't automatically give permission to export subscribers. 

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    Guest commented
    July 20, 2018 16:20

    This would be very helpful for allowing multiple types of users to access WCA. I would like to have separate permissions by database (as in, allow certain users to only send from or upload to certain databases). It would be nice to have the ability to restrict users by area as well (content, automations, databases).

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    Guest commented
    November 21, 2019 11:42

    It would be good to have something like permission groups, where you could assign a user to a group and have a standard set of permissions you can apply to all members of the same team.