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Configurable retention rules

Currently, the contact offlining rules are very basic and only seem to use opt-in date as a criteria.  Whilst this is useful for Transact and databases where not contact history is needed, it's often not suitable.

I would love to see configurable data retention rules where customers can craft their own logic as to when their data would be offlined, using database fields, behaviours and relational table fields in a manner similar to the query builder.

This would assist those operating with European data where they are obliged under GDPR to not hold data longer than required and thus, this would be feature they could leverage when they define what their retention rules are.

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  • May 23 2018
  • Under Consideration
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As a WCA user, I need to be able to define a set of configurable rules within WCA upon which to retain data, using information for a variety of data fields, behaviours and sources.  Data that does not meet these configurable rules at a database level should be offlined.

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    18 Jun, 2018 08:55am

    Hi Scott,

    I'm thinking about having something to the query builder in place that can reference all the same types of data that queries currently do... profile data, behavioral data, relational table data etc.

    For example, the rules may be configured to identify any who matches the following criteria...

    ((Opt in date is more than 1 year ago

    AND last open date is blank)

    OR Last open date is more than one year ago)

    AND is not in Transactional relational table with a Transaction date in the last year

    AND has not visited the website in the last 1 year

    If this query was scheduled to run on a daily basis to archive contacts that matched these rules from the database, it would allow contacts to automatically specify their own retention rules and have them run on a schedule automatically.  Obviously, these rules may need to differ per database.

    Hopefully that's a little clearer.



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    Guest commented
    15 Jun, 2018 06:17pm

    Hi David - could you please provide some examples of rules that you would use for archiving? As you know, we now purge archived files after 30 days (can still be up to 450 days of no use before archiving). Is your suggestion only around when data is moved to archive?