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Add an Org Identifier to the Notification emails

Current Notifications from do not include any identifier in the message to understand which Org or User is impacted. Example:

"Changes have been made to your Engage account. This address is no longer used for notification emails, and your Engage password has also changed.

 If you were not expecting this email, please contact your Organization Administrator or Support Representative immediately.

 This email was sent by an automated system and the mailbox is not monitored. Please contact Customer Support directly with any concerns or feedback.


 The IBM Marketing Cloud Team"


As an Org Admin for nearly 20 Orgs across 5 different Pods, I cannot determine which Org this change occurred on, which Client I need to inform, nor which User this impacted without manually logging into each one and checking their status. 

This is incredibly time consuming, and potentially dangerous if this change was not performed by the Org Admin themselves.

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  • Jul 3 2018
  • Under Consideration
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Enable Org Admins to know which Org has had a change made to it without having to manually check every Org they administer. 

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    Guest commented
    15 Nov, 2018 08:43am

    Hi Beth. I tend to store them more by accident than design; I have outlook rules set up for notifications for each client and push the 'confirmation' emails to one folder and let 'warning' emails continue to hit my inbox. Every now and again I clear down the confirmation notifications. I would just have the rules delete the notifications but sometimes it is useful to go back and reconcile load numbers after the event, so I tend to keep them for a while.

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    Guest commented
    8 Aug, 2018 01:38pm

    Hi Scott, thank you for the work around. I was reviewing this idea, and I wondered if you store the emails or reference them back?  

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    Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2018 03:10pm

    This is already possible by setting the "Notification replies sent from" Under General Settings in Org Settings to something org-specific. I have this set for all my clients and it saves tonnes of time, as well as allowing me to create exchange rules to divert notifications.