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Message Scripting Content Reference Label

Having the ability to place content for a message script into a content block similar to how content for a dynamic content ruleset stores content within a content block, would mean that the overall template size can be kept to a minimum whilst still being able to reference large amounts of content within the mailing template, such as language variants for example which would get pulled into a a template and the point of send and replace the Label with the content stored against the label name, the same a how dynamic content does now.

The current process requires all variants of content to be hard coded into a mailing template that isn't going to be sustainable long term.

Having a feature similar to the Dynamic Content rule builder with the criteria replaced with a Label name (if the label matched show the content block), and a similar UI to keep continuity with the existing DC feature whilst giving access to the WYSIWYG to edit potential content. Essentially DC without the rule builder, it may require a different tag structure eg ##MS_LabelName## instead of %%....%%

This could have the potential to be rolled out across both Transact and Engage and with the basis of how it could potentially work already being in place with the DC rule builder

Initial benefits for:
- Anyone that uses message scripting
- Migrating from eMessage to WCA, as eMessage has a reference label feature that users would be familiar with the functionality
- Message size is kept to a minimum preventing any potential performance issues due to mailing size

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  • Jul 9 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
How will this idea be used?

A client which needs to populate a single template (Transact/Engage) with 20+ language variants, currently has to hard code all variants into the template, whilst using message scripting as it cannot currently be combined with Dynamic Content Rulesets or Relational table personalisation

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    Powell Smith commented
    July 09, 2018 14:27

    We have this on our roadmap to enhance our Campaign integration features.  It hasn't been assigned to a release yet but I will update the entry once it's assigned.