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Query that can reference several databases, instead of just one

Currently: A query can only reference one database. ex: If i want to send to subscribers in our main database, but also import a custom list of a few people, I have to do this all as separate databases & query.

Proposing: It would be more efficient if I could build one query that pulls from the main database and then also pulls in other databases (like the custom list upload). And then the mailing can just go out once, to the one query.

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  • Jul 18 2018
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

It will allow more power to queries to be able to pull in from different databases and allow for simpler, quicker builds & sends

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    August 01, 2018 00:11

    This a great idea that can be usefull to simplify the process with other issues, for example. Mobie push is a dinamic database that is updated without control. An example: When a customer login into the app, the SDK send the MUID and other field like account number. If the mobile push resides into a different database, we cannot update every day the data base or inlusive use the Establish Identity API, just join into a Query and use the same query to contact customers for each channel without the necesity to have all data into a single database that is complex to updated every a lot of times. This idea works with SMS too.