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Allow for true 50/50 A/B tests (100% vs. 99%)

Currently: an A/B test can only go up to 99%, which means it is a 49.5%/49.% test, and then the remaining 1% gets the winner.

Proposal: have an option to just send to 100% of the list, A version to 50% B version to 50%, and determine the winner by yourself in reporting.

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  • Jul 18 2018
  • Under Consideration
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allow for a true 50/50 test

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  • Admin
    Ankush Singla commented
    March 18, 2019 14:40

    Thanks for the idea! We're in the process of revamping the campaign creation/send workflow in WCA, and A/B testing will be included in this. As we get closer, we may reach out to get some additional details.

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    Guest commented
    March 18, 2019 14:52

    This is a great idea and something that is much better then using the segmentation tools within the database.