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Access Contact Records by Recipient ID

Leverage the recipient ID to track back to a contact record for easy lookup.

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  • Jul 19 2018
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This idea will simplify customer service efforts.

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    Zack Bazemore commented
    July 20, 2018 13:12

    Hi Jenny, can you provide some additional clarification for this?  We have our SelectRecipientData XML API which accepts a Recipient Id/Contact Id and returns a full contact's details.  Was there another flow you had in mind for tracking back to a contact record via the unique Recipient Id?

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    Guest commented
    August 07, 2018 23:21

    Hi Zack, I work with Jenny and to clarify. We are upable to sync using recipient ID when doing a batch list import via API. We are able to sync on Recipient ID when importing using the UI but not the API.

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    Guest commented
    August 09, 2018 20:55

    Hi Zack & Talal,

    Adding detail from IT:


    When we are updating coupon subcodes for contacts (on a list or query) within WCA there is currently no way via the API to target a specific RECIPIENT_ID to be updated.  Because of this we have to go through a 7 step process to ensure the code(s) we are uploading get assigned to the correct WCA contact (using various combinations of email, sms # and cust #).