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Please implement "delivered" status to mailings.

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  • Jul 20 2018
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Please implement "delivered" status to mailings.
*In SMS(mGage), I can see "delivered" that is the next step of "sent" to users. I would like to see status the same as SMS to WCA mailings.


Current specification;

The WCA defines that the metric of "Sent" (also, "Received" in the report) is the number of transmissions minus the number of bounces.
But I can not know whether mailings is actually received by customers.


My experience;

At the time of sending mailings, I did not set the DNS record of WCA. Actually, the mailing does not sent the email provider. However WCA counts up as "Received" even though Email Provider did not receive it. This case that I did not set the DNS record of WCA is a rare case and this case made me confused.


Kind regards,

Hanae Tanaka

What is your industry? Construction / Architecture / Engineering
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    August 02, 2018 14:25

    Hello Hanae,

    You might consider submitting a support ticket for your rare case.

    For Delivered, here is the official definition in Performance Insights:

    Delivered Any email that is not rejected by a server, including:
    • Emails that are delivered to the inbox, spam, or junk folders
    • Messages that are missing from those folders, but that did not receive a bounce reply

    To view this metric, you must customize your widget to add Delivered as a metric.

    Delivered = Number of sent - Number of bounced

    You could find the rest of the definitions here in the Knowledge Center: