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Tracking Open Rate for Dynamic Subject lines

Currently you need to export tracking metrics to view open rate for subject lines that contain dynamic content.

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  • Jul 27 2018
  • Under Consideration
How will this idea be used?

Better understand the impact dynamic subject lines have to open rate. to see if using subscriber data to better showcase items in the email so that the user can better engage with the email since it contains items that are relevant to said user.

What is your industry? Retail
What is the idea priority? Medium
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    Guest commented
    August 02, 2018 14:29


    Thank you for your feedback. We are actively working on developing reports for dynamic content in Performance Insights. I don't have an exact timeline yet, but it remains a high priority.

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    Guest commented
    February 06, 2019 19:06

    This! was about to create a"New Idea" but glad I search for this first. hopefully this can be rolled out soon because it is a hassle to not get those numbers back. 


    does anyone have a workaround that can be used to see that data outside of going to individual contact insights pages?




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    Guest commented
    February 07, 2019 06:11

    Hi Sergey,

    Thank you for adding your comment. We have some design and workflow ideas behind this and it is on the roadmap for this year. I'll be sure to reply again here when a firmer date is in sight.

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    Guest commented
    March 04, 2019 21:08

    Hi Sergey, quick question... for the dynamic subject lines, could you give me an example of what you want to see in comparison? Maybe we could take this offline and dig into your specific use case. My email is

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    Guest commented
    March 14, 2019 16:08

    Hi Chris

    I would like to respond as well to your question about this topic.

    We have used dynamic subject lines a couple of weeks ago and we would like to see the results for the different subject lines.

    The sent results in Watson give us the open rate for the mailing that has been sent
    For example like this:


    We see the dynamic subject line ruling and the open and click rate per query.

    If we look at the mailing report for this specific mailing we see this for dynamic content:

    We see display rate, how many people got the default and how many got the other subject line

    But what we can’t see is how many people opened the 2 mailings.

    That would be interesting because if we use dynamic subject lines we can’t really see if it has a good open rate.

    Thank you very much

    Femke Snauwaert
    CRM Coördinator
    TUI Belgium
    Phone: +32 59 56 57 87

    Van: IBM Watson Customer Engagement <>
    Verzonden: maandag 4 maart 2019 22:09
    Aan: Snauwaert Femke
    Onderwerp: Chris Saito responded to idea WCAIDEAS-I-214 Tracking Open Rate for Dynamic Subject lines