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Expand the limit of the new programs

Today, programs have only 100 objects limit into the same program. Our customers make complex programs and it is easy to take this 100 object limit so we will force to split the program into various.

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  • Aug 27 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
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To have the ability to create complex programs without to have the problem to split into various programs

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  • Admin
    Diane Bowman commented
    August 30, 2018 02:01

    If you had the ability to route from one program to another, with a view to see all associated programs, would you use that?

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    Guest commented
    August 30, 2018 12:17

    Yes, but is needed the possibility to download all data of the nested programas into a one single API call (I asked for use PROGRAM_ID criteria into the raw recipient download API too, I mean, just put the program ID / Ids as criteria of downoad and not mailing ID) in this caseor directly from the UI

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    Guest commented
    January 22, 2019 09:58

    Hi Diane

    It would help a bit, but ultimately being able to see the whole journey is what is required. Once you move into multiple programs it becomes disjointed, then you also wouldn't be able to use features like copying and pasting assets, once this feature has been introduced, where there are many repeat steps in a journey that have evaluation steps in the middle. Maybe enhance the requested copy and paste feature to allow shared assets between linked programs, if that was the way forward?

    This disjointedness then means that when demonstrating a journey to a client, you would be forced to switch programs and already I receive hanging messages from the browser when I am at over 85 objexts in the program.

    The Old programs allowed circa 300 tracks and 1000 objects, if I remember rightly, so being limited to 100 objects in the new programs is a huge capability limitation.

    The ideal would be to increase the number of objects allowed in the new programs, even to 200.



  • Admin
    Diane Bowman commented
    January 25, 2019 16:05

    Thank you for your input, Scott!