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Enable use of RT personalization in From Address within Programs

Now that we can use RT personalization for Subject and Email From Name (and From Address in regular mailings) it would be great to enable this for From Address within programs. When trying to use an RT field in the From Address within a configured mailing in a program I get a "Not a valid Email Address" error as the validation is looking for an email format. Not sure if just the validation needs updating or if the underlying system needs to be modified to enable RT values for From Address but this is a big piece we were hoping for when RT personalization was enabled.

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  • May 3 2018
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In the scenario that a program is used for field communications from a sales rep, being able to personalize all aspects of the send (regardless of deliverability implications) would be very beneficial. This way the entire set of touch points could be personalized for the "sending" sales rep/department, etc via RT data.

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    Guest commented
    May 04, 2018 12:40

    So, funny story, last night I was working on some programs for a client and found a way to use RT personalization for the From address in programs. So it looks like this is already supported but needs to be configured a certain way.


    In the template, set standard values for the Default address tab but add the RT personalization like you would with dynamic content. When you configure the mailing in the program, the values shown for Email From Name and Email From Address are pulled from the Default tab, but when the email is triggered by the program the actual values used are from the Personalize tab (in the template). 


    So it seems that this is already supported and just needs to be configured properly. The configure mailing screen in the program could use some clarification perhaps to notify the user that any values set in the templates Address section in the Personalize tab will be used but only the Default values are shown.


    Sam Lewis

  • Admin
    Diane Bowman commented
    May 10, 2018 17:33

    We will be sure to update KC information until we can make updates in UI to help users.

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    Diane Bowman commented
    June 06, 2018 16:52

    We have updated the KnowledgeCenter for this issue.  There are UI enhancements needed,and we can keep that on our radar.