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Make the Recipient Last Modified Date field available to the Silverpop Scribe Online Connector API

When CRM integrations are configured using Scribe Online we can't compare the CRM modifiedon or createdon datetime values, which are available in Scribe Online,  with the IBM WCA modified or created datetime values.  This would help configure an integration to decide which record has the most recent update between CRM and IBM WCA and decide how to update a record in both databases. Even though CRM is considered to be the database of record, some IBM WCA  features and operations may change the matching record, and its value for a specific field needs to be evaluated using a Scribe online formula to compare the record's last modified datetime values as well as the specific field's value. Comparing field values works using custom scribe online formulas but a decision needs to be made based on the last modified date as well.

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  • Sep 13 2018
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A custom field in IBM WCA, related to GDPR compliance,  is updated from a standard CRM field. The values of the field can be changed in IBM WCA when customers submit specific webforms. The new value submitted from the webform needs to be updated to CRM, so CRM users can know about the new value. CRM users also have the ability to update the matching field in CRM and the update needs to go to IBM WCA asap. Even though the sync in Scribe runs every 1 to 5 minutes, overwrites of new values in both databases still occur based on the direction of the maps and their execution order.


A webform is submitted via IBM WCA changing a field value to Yes, The direction of the sync has the IBM WCA  to CRM map executing 1st but the timing of the last modified time start filter in Scribe and the number of records in each batch are usually off by a few seconds and the change doesn't make it to CRM in time on the initial run. Well the CRM to IBM WCA map is next in the execution order and the value CRM has for the matching field changes it back to No in IBM WCA. The same thing happens when a matching CRM record is updated but due to the execution order the IBM WCA to CRM map will initially overwrite new CRM value and it will never be added to IBM WCA.

This causes issues when recipients who submit webforms feel their decisions are not being honored and complain to the company.

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