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Provide a way to join the events tables creates by UBX toolkit Merged

When using UBX to export the events generated by sending email/sms thought WCA programs, it should have a way to uniquely join the opening event (for example) with the send email event. This is important to correctly measure the opening rate, CTR, opt-out, bounces, etc.

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  • Sep 17 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
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It is important follow metrics like open rate, CTR etc, to see which communications are working. In the same way cross this information with internal data allow to know which customer received communications and arrived at the of the funnel, something that could only accomplished by exporting this events thought UBX toolkit.

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    24 Sep, 2018 01:49am

    We agree this is important too! It's on our roadmap, and we will let you know when the work is scheduled.