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Update of rulesets

When we reuse a ruleset created on multiple mailings and we need to update it, we cannot update it automatically for all the mailings concerned. We have to manually do it on all mailings after we have inserted it.

In a world of ultra-personalization, you have to admit it's very very bad to not have this opportunity with WCA.
Thank you very much

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  • Sep 17 2018
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The update of the ruleset is not apply automatically to the other mailing we created with this same ruleset. That's our big problem.

So we have to do the update manually on all the mailing we created before by deleting the ruleset and creating it again with the good Html content.

It's a Big Deal for us because when we need to change automatically the Html content like "legal mentions" on like 150 mailing in the same time, we cannot do it manually... Too long...

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    Ankush Singla commented
    June 21, 2019 19:10

    Hi, thanks for your idea! We’ve been heads down on completely redesigning the message and landing page composition experience for the past few months. Even though we’re just now updating the status in Aha, this idea has definitely been on our radar. While we work on getting this out, we’d love to get your feedback on the new experience so far. You won't see anything about dynamic content in here, but it will also move to this new building experience. Check out this overview video: and leave us feedback here: