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Update the "Opted Out" field in the database when a Contact is added to the MSL

When I do a database export, I selected to export Contacts, Opt-outs, snoozes & Undeliverables. When I’m looking at the excel file, how do I tell which contacts are in the Undeliverable category? I exported the MSL and there are 4500 or so undeliverables, but I can’t find a way to tell who they are when I export the database. The only values in the Opt Out field are F & U.

From a Support Ticket (#00740592) It appears that when a contact hard bounces, they are added to the MSL, but they are not marked as "opted out" within the column of your database. It does not in the contact record when you click on the email address, and scroll to the very bottom, you can click to see what actions the contact has taken, and it shows as bounced.

So to remove the undeliverables from the database the contacts are required to be exported from the Master Suppression list, imported back to create a new database (or contact list importing on the same database) and purge the main database against this new database. I understand that this manual process of identifying and removing the undeliverables from the database is challenging. However this is the only way to remove your undeliverables from the database currently. I apologize for this inconvenience. 

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  • Oct 8 2018
  • Needs review
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To maintain the quality of the data, we need to know who is the database is on the MSL and why.  It's a hassle to have to constantly compare the database to the MSL.

Ideally, I want to export the entire database except for Undeliverables. Since I didn't have that option, the next best thing is to export the database and manually exclude the Undeliverables, but I don't see how to identify those records in the excel file.

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