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Make suppression lists accessible via query from within a WCA program.

I need to control program flow based on the presence/absence of contacts in the suppression list. A database may have multiple programs relying it as their datasource.  An XML-API based program may populate a suppression list for a short duration to prevent other programs from sending mail during that duration.  Yet other automated programs may still need to send Email to those suppressed contacts after they are removed from the suppression list. There is currently no way, within a program, to place a contact in a wait state that relies on a recurring query to check if the contact is present in / absent from a suppression list.

I am requesting that the datasouce of query be extended to include Suppression Lists (in addtition its other sources such as database, contact list, relational table).  The citeria would be:  Contact  is / is not included in [choose suppression list].

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  • Oct 18 2018
  • Under Consideration
How will this idea be used?


We have two processing series which need to be integrated:

Series one: "bailer series" in which we have collected those contacts that have provided their contact information as part of the initial steps of an incomplete purchase process.  We wish to send them follow-up Emails (over a period of days) to invite them to complete the purchase process.  During that time we do not want any other Email offers being sent.  We place those contacts (via API) into a program suppression list.

Series two: "onboarding series" in which a contact has provided contact information with interest in learning more about our products. Via API we add them to our database and inject them into our onboarding program.  Subsequently, over a period of days we send follow-up informational Emails.

Problem:  We do NOT want to send informational Emails from our onboarding series while we are sending emails from our bailer series. We do NOT wish to rely on flag fields in our database to control processing.  We would like to place contacts that have been introduced into the onboarding series into a "wait" state until they are no longer included in the suppression list associated with the bailer series, and then send them onboarding email messages.

BOTTOMLINE: we need a way to introduce suppression awareness into program automation logic so that we can inhibit the flow based on this awareness.

What is your industry? Consumer Products
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Admin
    Diane Bowman commented
    November 02, 2018 21:34

    Thank you for the idea! We are researching this and will provide more information shortly. We have seen others use a designated Contact list rather than the suppression list for this purpose and then they are able to use that Contact List criteria (Is/Is Not in Contact List xyz)