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Specific program send time

In program settings we can choose a time-frame, down to a 1 hour period eg only send emails between 8am and 9am. It would be useful if we could set this to a specific time ie 'send at 8am' (with the obvious disclaimer that large volumes will take a while to send etc).

In the program it is possible to specify an exact send time on each step, but if the solution requires that messages only go out at a specific time each day, it has to be configured at every message step, leading to the possibility of manual error when creatives are amended.


It would be handy if we could specify a set send time for all messages in a program at a program settings level, rather than being limited to either a 1 hour time frame, or having to specify at every message step level.


NB: The functionality in question is too complex to manage in Automated Message Groups, so it needs to be a program feature.

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  • Oct 24 2018
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Allow all messages within a program to be sent at a specific time each day.

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    5 Nov, 2018 08:06am

    Hi Diane; thanks for your reply!

    I am an advocate of self-enhancing data using update profile steps, but the challenge we hit there is that programs don't update at a specific time and by the time someone has been picked up it might be too late as another program may have already started. It's adding too many moving parts to an already complex process.

    Realistically, this Idea is a simple one. The programs already allow the user to specify that all mailings only go out between specific hours, down to a 1 hour period. This just needs to be enhanced to allowing a specific time to be selected eg on the hour.



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    2 Nov, 2018 09:45pm

    Thank you Scott!  Being able to "update all" or certain settings across all mailings in a program is interesting.  For the management of cross-sending mailings, we have others that need to watch out for oversending or duplicate sending across brands. One way I have seen it handled is using a program simply to update profile data, move contacts thru and use that as your monitor and driver for what happens in your other programs. Using a field in the database that serves as a "flag" that gets flipped off and on as contacts enter and flow thru the various programs can help with that need perhaps.

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    1 Nov, 2018 08:03am

    Hi Diane

    Sure, it is quite a specific use case! We have a client who, across two brands in separate orgs, sends a variety of emails each day and there is a hierarchy as to who should get what. In addition, there are processes that allocate unique vouchers, ready for each of the day's sends.

    Due to the number of checks that need to be performed for each send, we use programs to manage the process, but having the program setting 'send between 8AM and 9AM' means that when the program for the '9AM' send (between 9AM and 10AM) takes place, it is possible for someone to still be qualifying for the '8AM send' and not have been sent it.

    If the qualifying criteria for the 9AM send includes 'and has not been sent 8AM email', then there is scope for a conflict.

    This example is in part hypothetical, but sometimes the client just wants the emails belonging to a specific program campaign to go out at exactly 8AM and apart from setting every message step to have a send time of 8AM (and having to remember this every time there is an amend), there is no way to confidently guarantee this.


    The queries required to manage this logic via Automated Message Groups would be very complex and don't allow the flexibility that a client with a heavy test, learn and adapt approach may desire

    Hope this helps,


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    Guest commented
    31 Oct, 2018 09:44pm

    Thanks for the idea! Can you tell use more about your use case that requires that all messages be "scheduled" to send at a precise time each day vs use of relative wait or behavioral actions or profile changes? We think of Programs as more conversational messaging, yet we are hearing of more customers wanting to use automation to send at very specific times, so we'd like to know more!  Do you find that setting a specific time of day gives you more opens/clicks than using something like Send time optimization?