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[Template] TEXT - It disappears the Webform link when use "Create from HTML"

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  • Nov 30 2018
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I have an issue about creating text message. (a bug)
IBM known this issue but it have not fix yet so I post this issue on the idea site.

1.Creating HTML content including links to Webform.
2.Change to "TEXT" editor.
3.Click the "Create from HTML" to create text content.

Text content is missing Webform link. It disappears the link and the character string where the link is inserted.
So I have to add Webform link manually. Other link types(URL etc) are correctly.

This is happen when includes the type of link to Webform - "Web form" or "Opt-out to page"
I attached the screenshot please see "create from html.xlsx".


I received following message from WCA support team(Support Case#00749409), so I have post this.

Although it is the content of your comment, we have similarly pointed out in the past and concluded that it is a constraint due to product problems as a result of the research on the development side. Also, as a result of subsequent product plan examination, this function did not enter the current product plan.
Unfortunately, due to such circumstances, regarding the points pointed out, there is no plan to implement in the product at present, and if it is possible, please post to the idea site and vote to raise the implementation priority.


Kind Regards,
Hanae Tanaka

What is your industry? Construction / Architecture / Engineering
What is the idea priority? Medium
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