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Greater Visibility of Scheduled and Sent Mailing settings especially STO

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  • Dec 12 2018
  • Planned for Future Release
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We've had occassions where clients report issues with mailings not sending, etc and it is very difficult to get a simple view of the paramaters of the issue.

For example, a mailing is set at Scheduled that should have gone out the previous evening. I can't tell from looking at the mailing whether Send Time Optimisation has been set as it doesn't appear in the front end at all. The client says they don't use STO, but after logging a support ticket, it turns out that STO was in place on that mailing, but the client didn't know their colleague had done it.

Also general information about Scheduled mailings, for example if the mailing should have been instant but is taking time to send, whether throttling might be in play.

Just greater visibility of mailing setting information in general!

What is your industry? Financial Markets
What is the idea priority? High
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