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Fix SMS Programs API Limitations

Currently, one can only pull Text to Join programs using this API endpoint: ( This is extremely limiting, as we have many other types of programs set up. We, and really, we believe all your clients, would benefit from being able to pull the entire list of programs (programs of all types). I ask that you include ALL SMS programs set up (irregardless of type) in the response to the default request and additionally add an optional filter to restrict the results to a specific type (i.e. Text to Join, Multi Steps and Text for Info). Thank you very much!

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  • Dec 29 2018
  • Under Consideration
How will this idea be used?

We currently pull data on all SMS message sent and received through IBM into our system. In order to be able to pull these messages, we need to supply a program id. In order to supply a program id, we need to have the full list of programs we have set up. Currently, we have to manually sync these. We want to be able to automatically pull in a list of ALL the programs we have configured.

What is your industry? Healthcare
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