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improve Transact WCA error management

IBM Watson Campaign Automation | Support Portal | Support

We have plenty of errors in our RCT environment with this XML response :

< ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ERROR_STRING>Fatal error during send</ERROR_STRING>

Can you precise what is this status, if we need some recycling about this mail or not ? We are used of a very bad successful rate, because of big amount of errors like "Read timed out", is it the same kind of error ?


IBM Watson Campaign Automation | Support Portal | Support

Your Engineering team suggesting that the mailing template reported, logged error "Method code too large" at the backend suggesting contents of 3 pages with 860 words, which likely have contributed to the issue.

IBM Watson Campaign Automation | Support Portal | Support

My request is just to have this message as an error "Method code too large" seems a bit more efficient as the previous one, so that I can ask to the team who edit these templates to fix it :) and also, please change the error code, anything you want but not zero that may lead to suppose there is no error at all !

Also, can you please precise what is the maximum length of the template, and the current length when the error occurred ? This way I can help the team to improve his template. The ERROR_STRING will be very more helpful with these information :)



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  • Jan 3 2019
How will this idea be used?

For each Call to the WCA API, we hope to have sent an email to our final customer, so, if any error should occurs, it is a requirement to have an error_code so that we know nothing where sent. Moreover, the ERROR_STRING may help both us and your support team to investigate quickly the issue.

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