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Stop hiding direct URLs to mailer templates in Composer

In the old WCA experience, our marketers could share direct URLs to edit mailer templates in the author - ie This made it much quicker for marketers to specify which mailer template they were working on (and if they required assistance) share it with the rest of the team - to prevent confusion.

After the update, there is no more direct URL - it's all masked under This is very annoying because there is no way for marketers to easily share their mailer template in Composer unless they take note of the Mailing ID which is not accessible when in Composer - only on the Dashboard. 

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  • Jan 14 2019
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The UI/UX of the new Watson Campaign experience feels like it was rushed out and unplanned. Our version of WCA seems like it was just haphazardly iframed onto the new experience dashboard just so you can market your AI assistant - which nobody uses anyway. Until you fix some of these issues, please bring back the Classic experience as an option!

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    Guest commented
    January 17, 2019 17:54

    100% agreed. This update felt like "Let's take away functionality and add Watson assistant to 'fix all those problems'". Unfortunately, Watson is far from a finished product and is mostly useless right now (I have literally spent hours experimenting with it, I'm not ignorant of what it can do). Taking away that specific URL is honestly amazingly incompetent. 

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    Guest commented
    January 29, 2019 03:43

    I'm not sure if it's across all pods, but we still have access to the old login on Pod 4 via . I feel like IBM know that the new WCA experience is sub-optimal and has a lot of shortcomings, so they may have left it live.

    The weirdest thing for me is that it seems like the new WCA experience is meant to simplify things, but I imagine the majority of users using WCA are power users who have found a bunch of tricks over the years to improve workflow using the old UI.

  • Admin
    Beth White commented
    June 19, 2019 20:59

    The long urls where added back to the new WCA experience this past February.

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    Guest commented
    June 20, 2019 01:24

    This fix doesn't work if you're trying to share the direct mailer template link with another user because you're still embedding the UID into the long URL. The whole purpose of being able to copy and paste the long URLs was to be able to share it with OTHERS. 

  • Admin
    Beth White commented
    June 20, 2019 20:04

    Hi Watson Fails,

    Thank you for sending me additional details into your experience, very helpful to gain further understanding into the issue you are still experiencing.

    I completely agree that the links should be shareable across users and assets that have access into the same org, which is why this issue was corrected ASAP.

    Based on the error message above, in this case, you are sharing a link in another organization that you haven't logged into- yet. If you are logged into the same org as the person that shares the link with you- then the link opens without you having to log in.

    You would have run into this issue prior to the new experience. We require you to be logged into the accurate organization from where the link was shared in order to see the assets in that organization for your security purposes.

    I agree that there could be better error message, and I'll look into a better error message handling. Additionally as we move forward with any new designs in updating organization linking I will certainly keep this in mind on updating share-ability across organizations.

    Finally, link sharing is working as designed currently. If this issue still persists, and any of the above doesn't sounds accurate you’ve encountered something unexpected in WCA I’d appreciate it very much if you to report to Support by opening a case. I’m sharing this information with Support as well so they are not surprised when they hear from you- if you identify yourself as Watson Fails that is . . . .

    Thank you,