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Mailing and Query ID to be added to URLs in new interface

In the new interface, the query or mailing template ID has been removed from the URL. This makes it particularly difficult to share work with colleagues for checking easily. Before you could send them the URL and now you need to send them the path to follow.

This is also affecting viewing contact records - when you view the contact insight for a record, you used to be able to click on the emails they had been sent, and it would bring up a copy of the email they received. Now click it takes you to the generic login page which isn't useful for verifying what emails people have been sent.

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  • Jan 28 2019
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So that we can use some of the useful functionality from the old interface

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    Guest commented
    March 05, 2019 02:50

    I can see that the ID now appears in the URL for the query, but not for the mailing template. This only appears by hovering over the name of the template before clicking in to it. Will this also be fixed?

  • Admin
    Beth White commented
    March 05, 2019 14:57

    That is the current behavior when you click directly into a mailing.  If you right click the mailing open the deep link with the asset ID appears.

    I'm tracking all responses here: This functionality was restored two weeks ago and documented under this idea: