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New UI and IBM-ID: Fix for authentication issues

We as an agency and our customers are figuring plenty of issues in our day to day work with WCA right now.
- 502 Bad Gateway error messages when selecting items form the new menu
- 'Application Error' messages
- being logged into an org but see stuff from another (you have been logged in before).
- users not being able to log in to WCA, being kicked out, need to reset their passwords for no obvious reasons

Root causes for the might be different ones but our suspicion is that this is aligned to session handling.
Being forced to switch to the new and obviously not well tested 'user expericene' which currently prevents us from efficiently working is bad.

Goal of this idea is to join forces and raise some pressure as we don't see our aligned support cases to be answered and escalated sufficiently.


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  • Feb 15 2019
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    Beth White commented
    February 19, 2019 22:27

    Hi there,

    Thank you for starting a conversation about some of the issues that we are currently working on resolving.

    1. The 502 Bad Gateway error was resolved last week.  Please let customer support know if you see this issue persist. 

    2. Application Error- clearing your cache should resolve this.  We believe we know a fix and are prioritizing it accordingly.

    3. The largest known issue that we have are users that have linked accounts- when trying to become user or switch to use Email Insights or SMS the linked account isn't carried into the sub products.  This issue should be resolved late Q1.

    4.  Logging out issues- we recently added more logging into the product track down the problem.  The main issue had to do with right click actions into new tabs- and logging out occurring from the new tab- however this issue was resolved in early January.  The support call volume on log out issues where reduced, however we still hear that there are random log outs occurring. So we are still tracking down the issue.  Please report any instances of this to support with as many details as possible, or Im happy to hop on a call to watch this error be replicated with our development team.

    Thank you for reporting any errors - and please know that we are working on some tweaks. 

    Tomorrow we are releasing asset id's are now in the urls- and the old WCA global search is being added back early march.  There's more in the works with regards strengthening the IBMid to WCA account tie (to prevent future logins errors) and that linked accounts get some love as well.

    Thank you!

    Beth White