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Modify WCA report to add the messageName or template name so client can differentiate each push message in reports - Performance Insights to allow for the message name in the filter and dimensions.

When sending two or more push messages from the same Campaign FC, we cannotn create a report for each Push Message as we cannot differentiate.

messageName can not be selected in WCA Push Notification Report which makes it hard to interpret the report if two or more Push messages were send from the same Campaign FC.

From Campaign when you are upload data to WCA, you upload messageName and pushmsgID in JSON format like following:

10/16/2018 14:23:54.422 (4902) [I] [PROCESS] [Push1] Creating CampaignEngage:Schedule JSON string : {"pushConfig":
{"contactSourceId":94279,"campaignName": "C000000028","messageName": "Dhruv_ClearCL_TEST_10_16_2018_14_23_54"}

Would it be possible on WCA site to modify that report to add the messageName or template name so client can differentiate each push message in reports?


After further review here, both the Push Notifications report and the Push reporting in Performance Insights tabulate metrics/data against the Campaign name only and not the Message/Delivery name. Performance Insights Product team is actually reviewing the possibility to add Message name as an option for filtering and dimensions in PI Push reports, however this is still in the exploration stage. There is already internal awareness with the PI Product team.

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  • Feb 21 2019
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How will this idea be used?

Have correct report per Push Message send.

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    12 Jun, 2019 01:34pm

    Client uses IBM Campaign product to send out push notification. They have configured single flowchart to send out multiple messages. It is necessary for client's business to understand the WCA notification report is for which message, hence they need to have the field messageName added in the report