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Query based on Number of Sends or Opens

Allow us to target mailings based on number of emails sent or opened during a period of time, without having to specify the campaign. For example, query subscribers who have not opened any emails for past 3 months. Or query customers who have been sent 30 emails in past year, but opened fewer than 3 of them. 

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  • Feb 25 2019
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Help target most engaged users in standard distribution/queries based on users' behavior. 

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  • Admin
    Beth White commented
    June 19, 2019 20:08

    Hi idea voters,

    I'm not quite sure I am following the idea. Bear with me.

    Our query editor does have a has or has not opened X email over X date range:

    Is the goal of this idea to have insights into the aggregation of contact frequency with the email subscriber?

    We may have something on the roadmap- but any additional details for the use case would be helpful before I put my mouth in my mouth.

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    Guest commented
    June 19, 2019 20:27

    Hi Beth, 

    Thanks for following up. This enhancement would help us improve engagement-based targeting. For example, with today's query builder options, we can identify a subscriber who has been sent a specific campaign and opened it. However, some of the "openers" may have been sent only that one campaign, while others may have been sent 100 and not opened any. These two audiences (those that opened the only email sent and those who opened 1% of the emails sent) should probably be treated very differently. 


    Additionally, such filtering would allow us to be more proactive in the way we remove disengaged users for deliverability purposes, based on the number of emails sent and opened during a period of time, rather than assuming they had an ample chance to open an email. 


    To enable this, the query builder would allow us to say either of the following:


    "Has been sent [X] messages in the previous [Y] days/weeks/months."


    "Has opened [X] messages in the previous [Y] days/weeks/months."


    Please let me know if you have any questions.