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Export contacts from stages in programs

We are forever pushing the boundaries of the new programs and across 2 brands for one of my clients, programs are in place that have hit the maximum 100 object limit.

The programs are complex and the criteria to meet each path are tight, to ensure that contacts follow the appropriate journey.


Every now and again, issues can take place and customers may sit at an evaluation point, but it is sometimes extremely difficult, or impossible to identify who is affected.


To remedy this, it would be great if we could click on the affected step in the journey and export a list of affected contacts. We could then look  into why they do not qualify to progress in the journey and fix the data or update the logic in the program to cater for the previously unidentified criteria.

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  • Mar 6 2019
  • Planned for Future Release
How will this idea be used?

To help resolve scenarios where contacts cannot progress in a program, thus potentially saving revenue and identifying issues as quickly and early on as possible.

What is your industry? Retail
What is the idea priority? High
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    Diane Bowman commented
    March 11, 2019 01:28

    Thank you for the idea! We are looking at adding export capability to new programs as we continue to iterate and close gaps. Marking this as  Planned for Release as we work to prioritize the roadmap items. As for the 100 object limit, our recent release of Redirect can help with keeping complex programs manageable.Redirect actions are not counted towards the 100 object limit.  We also want to get zoom functionality in place. Would like to reach out to you if you are willing to discuss.