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Please publish the characters that can not be mapped to the character code supported by WCA from UTF-8.

Please investigate and release list information of characters that can not be mapped correctly to the character code supported by WCA from UTF-8.


WCA supports the following character encodings:
・ Chinese Simplified
・ Chinese Traditional
・ Japanese EUC
・ Japanese JIS
・ Japanese Shift-JIS
・ Korean euc-kr
・ UTF-8
Western European ISO-8859-1

I set the Shift-JIS and entered "~".
When I saved the mail template, "~" was converted to "?".

I understand that this is a issue when converting from UTF-8 to Shift-JIS.
However, WCA's Knowledge Center does not describe UTF-8 to Shift-JIS mapping problems.

We need to use Shift-JIS in consideration of the end user who receives WCA mail.
Also, please check for specific characters that convert text from UTF-8 to text garbling and put them in the Knowledge Center.


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  • Apr 8 2019
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

We will see a list of characters that may be garbled due to character encoding problems.

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