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Creation of Forms Separate from a Landing pages and Confirmation pages / View all Form submissions

I'd like to be able to have a centralized form but then be able to embed it to unique pages that collect hidden fields. For example, there is one form that collects all 'more information' requests but depending on the page it's on it will collect different hidden fields based on campaign interaction or product interest (identified in the query string.) Then based on those fields we'd dynamically be able to serve up a landing page that is customized based on the interest of that campaign or product. A form is a form and should be able to be used in many places once created and then later be able to filter on certain fields based on those submissions. Ideally, within the form area we can 'View submissions' and then be able to export the data from that place--so you can see every submission even if once contact submitted that form but for different product or campaign interests.

Or the idea is that you are able to categorize your forms and then have their submissions pool to one place. so at the time of creation you mark this as a 'More Information' form (if that is how you want to name it) and any forms marked that way all come together in the back end.

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  • Jun 27 2018
  • Under Consideration
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Streamlining the amount of forms created / the amount of places you have to search for engagement of a contact. We have many products, campaigns going on at any one time, by having less forms we can see impact better if it's one place rather than pulling reports for multiple forms that ultimate have the same CTA for sales or other teams to follow up.

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