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Include Program_ID into RawRecipientDataExport API

Today I need to find manually all Mailing_ID included into a program, then write the XML with all Mailing ID and the execute the API. Is more simple If the parameter is directly program ID

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  • Jun 27 2018
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To down the time inverted in get a full data from a program

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    3 Jan 08:16pm

    YES!  I would be great if you could use the RRDE to pull data based on the Program ID.  Currently you have to list out each and every mailing ID within the program in order to get the reporting for all mailings in a program. 

    You can pull reporting for automated message groups by using the campaign ID, but not programs.  This would be a fantastic addition to the API suite.  I have a client that just emailed me about this week and it took quite some time finding the individual mailing IDs to include (because they had multiple versions of a program with the same named templates).  If I could have pulled data specific to a program ID it would have saved a tremendous amount of time.

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    Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2018 12:27pm

    Hi Diane, 

    RETURN_PROGRAM_ID Specify to include the Program Id that a Mailing was triggered from (if applicable). (from the XML developers guide)

    It means that there is possible to get the program ID if the mailing participates into a program, but I am still need get the all mailings ID manually that participates into a program. But if you add program ID as criteria, I just need pass a single parameter

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    Guest commented
    12 Jul, 2018 02:12am

    You can use RETURN_PROGRAM_ID as part of the RRDE  API request to include the Program ID that a mailing was triggered from.

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    Guest commented
    27 Jun, 2018 08:29pm

    With this is also needed get the mailin name in the same step to correctly indentify each touchpoint. It need to include SMS and Push mesages