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Extend the current template tagging feature to allow tags to be applied to individual elements within the template and make tags available within query engine and scoring

I've received this request from several WCA customers who send different comm types to their contacts and sometimes different content categories within the same message. For example, newsletter, promotions, product and customer care, as types of comms.  Sometimes, contained within the same message will be different blocks for a promotion, content to be shared on social, competition, etc. The same content categories can also be recurring on weekly and monthly bases, for example a newsletter may always have a footer section for sales and promotions. In order to measure engagement and retarget contacts effectively, there is a need to tag elements within the marketing message and not simply tag the entire message template. There is also a need to be able to query and score against clickthrough behaviour on elements according to certain tag categories, and not simply use tags to filter reporting.

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  • May 24 2019
  • Under Consideration
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A WCA user should be able to tag different objects within an email/mobile/sms message template as well as tag the overall message template. The objects within the template could be content blocks or zones within the message, as well as hyperlinks. These tags should be available within the query engine and scoring models, so that it would be possible to create rules along the lines of:
Has Opened a 'Newsletter' category message
Has clicked on a 'Promotions' category hyperlink
This would allow the WCA user to retarget and score contacts more effectively, which would allow for more timely and personalised messages. It would also make certain use cases possible and it would be a valuable time saver, avoiding the need to build a query such as :
Has clicked on Link Name-'Sales Footer' in mailing 2019-05-24
Has Clicked on Link Name-'Sales Footer' in mailing 2019-05-17
Has Clicked on Link Name-'Sales Footer' in mailing 2019-05-10
The query would instead be :
Has clicked on Link Tag-'Sales Footer' in any mailing in the Last 3 weeks

This would also make it possible to create scoring models such as :
Scoring Model Name - Interest in Promotions
Assign 10 points - every time - a contact clicks on a link - Link Tag-'Sales Footer'

Perhaps the tags could be applied on HTML id elements or on Asset Library elements.

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