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Ability to manually construct link to WCA landing pages

When I enter a hyperlink into a WCA mailing and link to a WCA landing page the link is "transformed" by WCA meaning some URL parameters are appended in order for the target page to be personalized to the recipient opening the link.

These parameters consist of the 4 following attributes: pMailingIDspUserIDspJobID and spReportId

For 3 of these 4 attributes corresponding placeholders exist in WCA:

  • spMailingID: %%MAILING_ID%%
  • spUserID: %%RECIPIENT_ID%%
  • spJobID: %%JOB_ID_CODE%%

In order to manually construct a personalized link to a landing page a placeholder for spReportId is required. I would like such a placeholder to exist.

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  • May 29 2019
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

The reason why we want to manually construct personalized links to landing pages is because of the requirements for the HTML code of mailing templates.

In order to address MS Outlook devices for specific uses cases, e.g. Bulletproof Buttons (see https://buttons.cm) or generally when conditional comments are used in mailing templates, URLs can be part of tags which are not Anchor-Tags

Example: <a href="http://example.com">

If a URL is not used within an Anchor-Tag it is 

1) not turned into a tracking link by WCA
2) In case of a link to a landing page, e.g. pages06.net/customer/site/page, the above mentioned 4 parameters are not appended.

In order to be able to use any type of HTML the customer wishes to use, it would be really useful to construct this manually, similar to being able and build tracking links using DLL.

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