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Add Flexibility and options to the Validate Data Process

When generating a Validate Data job in WCA there are no options to filter out specific field types or to ignore NULL values for certain  field types. There are instances where NULL values should be considered valid if the recipient hasn't completed a certain web form, program, preference center selection, or the field just hasn't  been updated yet via a CRM integration. In instances where a WCA database contains over a million records, most of the errors are false due to not being able to filter out NULL values when generating the report. This adds extra time for the marketing team to address any real validation errors. We would like the ability to select which fields to validate and a check box to be able to ignore recipients with NULL values. 

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  • Jun 11 2019
  • Needs review
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WCA Validation reports can be correctly generated for the marketing team to address. For example, Yes\No field with NULL values can be excluded from the report because they are valid based on the company -based business rules if the recipient hasn't completed the Yes\No criteria needed via a  webform submission, program, preference center selection, or CRM integration standard.

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