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Completely Remake Form creation and Editing in WCA

Today, the web form creator is rudimentary, basic, and lacks flexibility and customization capabilities. For a tool that prides itself on data gathering, innovation, and AI, it provides little use to such an important tool for any campaign like a Form is. 

The webform feels like it's from the 80's in a 21st century marketing automation and comms tool.

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  • Aug 12 2019
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WYSIWYG is a tremendous selling point for WCA. The ability to create campaigns from scratch without HTML knowledge is key, yet the LP editor and web for creator/editor is just extremely basic. There little to nothing you can do when it comes to customization, look and feel, and overall design. It is poor and it limits your overall design capacities, because since you can't customize the webform, you can't work in the rest of the landing page look and feel.

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