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Observe Folder structures when import/updating Contact Lists

We have thousands of Contact lists (CL) which are stored in archived folders to make management easier. However, when trying to import update, it ignores the folder structure and tries to load every single CL which usually times out or will only load some. Because the lists fail to load, we will usually upload a new CL every time when in most cases, we just want to update them. We understand that this behaviour isn't making matters better but given the failure to load and regular time outs, trying to update impacts the business processes to a point where it's not sustainable. The ask, can we make the solution observe the folder structures as we hope this would make the platform load faster.

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  • Aug 26 2019
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As a user, I'm unable to update existing contact lists because it takes too long to load or times out. As a workaround, I just upload a new contact list every time. We have up to 5 campaigns a day and can't afford to wait up to 30 minutes the selection list to load. Or in most cases, fail to load.

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