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Forms functionallity

My client is using another forms tool since it has more functions than WCA.
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  • Sep 6 2019
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

In other marketing automation tools, we have detected that the following functionalities that we are missing in WCA can be performed.


- Limited and conditioned number field. Example: ZIP Code: NºNºNºNºNª (we could define that the tool only admit 5 numbers and no letters)


- Conditional fields based on an answer. Example: If a field in the form asks me if I have a partner, if the answer is negative, nothing would happen, but if the answer is yes, other fields would be displayed to provide information about my partner.


- Upload files: Due to GDPR there are business cores that are forced to ask for ID verification. Other tools allow you to upload files that update by URL in the database. (even in your support portal this functionality is available)


- Digital signature: In formstack tool, there is a field related to GDPR that allows the user to click and move the mouse to paint their own signature that updates in the database using URL hosted in GDrive.


I hope the idea is well received.

Thank you

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