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New "Scheduled & Sent" Problems: adjustable columns, sent number & move to folder

The ends of my email names and contact source names are crucial in differentiating between emails and they're cutoff without the option to adjust column widths. 


Also I differentiate between test/seed/actual emails by skimming through the sent numbers. Before you included the "sent" column and it was easy to quickly differentiate between email types based on the sent number. Please put this column back in or give us the option to add/remove certain columns.


Also, the "move" to a different folder function greys  out when you search and filter emails. I have hundreds of test emails that I'd like to move into a "Test" folder. If I could search "Test",  select all and move into a folder it would be easy, but you can't do that when the "move" function is disabled. Currently, I'd have to manually select each test email one by one and weed through thousands of rows and then select "move."


Update 1/9/2020: Just discovered another bad quirk. When you're selecting emails to move to another folder or delete (like test emails) as soon as you scroll to the very bottom, as it loads more emails, all your check marks get unchecked and you have to do it again, but remember not to scroll down to far. 


This really slows work down. Please fix.

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  • Sep 13 2019
  • Planned for Future Release
How will this idea be used?

Saves time. Managers can easily skim recent sent/scheduled emails without having to click on them individually to get more information. Adjusting column widths and selecting the columns you want displayed is a pretty basic feature that doesn't need explanation.

What is your industry? Banking
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    September 17, 2019 14:37

    I agree with this... also, another feature that seems to be removed is the sent with STO. I'd like to differentiate or filter out my STO emails vs. my non-STO emails! 

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    09 Jan 15:12

    Please see my 1/9/2020 update — edited in the original post.