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Provide Localised Date Formats in the UI and Reporting Exports

This affects all Orgs as far as i can tell and is not Pod specific.

Despite setting all User and Org Admin settings to default to United Kingdom formatting, this has no bearing on some of the Date Formats used within the UI, or more importantly, within all exported Reporting Data.

Where the date is displayed in full (i.e. 12th August 2019) this isn't an issue, but all abbreviated dates (i.e. 12/08/19) are in US format. So simply navigating from the Database view to the Report view requires you to convert months and days in your head; at which point i start questioning whether the date was 12th August, or 8th December. 

There are multiple locations within the UI itself that show Dates as US Format despite setting all language and formatting to UK (Very confusing to a Brit), and any/all exported Reports that I have tested so far convert all dates back to a US Format, which we cannot use without manually converting back to our localised format every single time.

Where our Microsoft Office Products (i.e. Excel) are using the UK date and time format, this causes a discrepancy with the data exported from the reports, and the fields are not recognised as dates but text fields, so cannot be easily converted to a UK format without multiple formula to pull the value apart and reassemble into a usable format. 

For any reporting, we have now have multiple manual solutions to convert this to a usable UK format, as well as validate that this has applied correctly as the date format is not consistently applied.

As an MSP we operate multiple Orgs on behalf of Clients, and this generates a significant manual overhead for what should be a relatively simple solution. 

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  • Sep 24 2019
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To be able to extract data from the platform in my local format, reducing significant manual overhead and confusion within the UI. 

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