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Query Breadcrumb Error & Possible Information-storage Error

The breadcrumb error might indicate an information storage error.


Issue 1: If you click on multiple folders while the system is processing, an error occurs in the breadcrumbs... Issue 2: ...that might indicate an error in information storage.


If I were to click "Folder 1" - then click various other folders while Watson is processing my last action - the result is breadcrumbs that look like this (below):


Data > View Data > Queries > Folder 1 > Folder 2 > Folder 1 > Folder 4 > Folder 3 > Specific Query 1.
Folders 2, 3, and 4 are on the same hierarchy as Folder 1 and NOT a subset.


When I've been making copies of existing queries into different folders, I've noticed that I get the error message: "Cannot duplicate a query with the same name", however, a "query with the same name" doesn't exist within the folder I'm attempting to save the copy into.


One identified issue: breadcrumb error

One possible issue: information storage error

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  • Oct 8 2019
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Accurate queries management

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