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Add rolling reporting periods to Performance Insight

The current reporting periods for performance insights don't allow for rolling periods. The reporting periods available might be well aligned to traditional reporting periods but they are completely unsuitable for a more dynamic medium such as email.

Can you please add reporting periods for 7, 30 and 90 days?

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  • Jan 13 2020
  • Already exists
How will this idea be used?

To identify successful and unsuccessful emails and to identify trends on a more timely basis.

What is your industry? Banking
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    Maddy Devetski commented
    13 Jan 17:47


    Performance Insights actually already has rolling time periods to choose from that will meet your needs. It contains the ability to filter a report on any of the following:

    Please let me know if you need any more information to execute the following^.

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    Guest commented
    14 Jan 00:26

    Hi Maddy, 

    Thanks for responding so quickly but that isn't a rolling reporting period as envisioned.

    What you've selected there will show 14 days history on January 14th, 15 days on January 15th etc.  These reporting periods lack consistency as something Year to Date can show anywhere from 1 day of historical performance to 365 days of historical performance.

    What I'm requesting is a reporting period that is always the last 7, 30 or 90 days.  That is, the reporting window is always the same number of days long.  That is, on the 14th January it would show everything back to the 16th December and on the 15th January it would show back until the 17th December.



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    Guest commented
    14 Jan 00:28

    Hi Maddy,

    Please see the comment against the idea. This function does not exist at the moment.