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Allow for multiple keyword filters in Performance Insight reports

We would like to create reports and dashboards in Performance Insights that contain multiple keyword filters. 

Example 1:  An abbreviation used for a department has been used in caps and non-caps in the past to name emails.  There is no way to pull both the caps and non-caps filter into one single report. You currently have to set up two separate reports.  


Example 2:  A partner has multiple codes for email communications.  There is no way to pull in multiple codes when used in email names to generate one report.


This feature would be extremely useful and eliminate the export and merge processes currently necessary to compile this information.


Casey Timmeny

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  • Jan 23 2020
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

We will use it to generate consolidated shared reports for partners that include all of their email naming codes.

What is your industry? Education
What is the idea priority? High
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    Guest commented
    29 Jan 16:35

    Another way to think about this - it would be really helpful to group multiple criteria and to choose AND/OR just like in queries.  I have a client who uses a naming convention where differentiate business units and categories of campaigns. 

  • Avatar40.8f183f721a2c86cd98fddbbe6dc46ec9
    Guest commented
    12 Feb 18:43

    Agreed, having the ability to have AND/OR options in the filters would be so incredibly helpful!

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    Guest commented
    24 Feb 16:27

    there are multiple lines of business using the same org and having AND/OR options for reporting would be incredibly helpful