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Option to have Rate metrics only for mailings in the Chosen Time Frame

Currently Rate Metrics and other metrics are reflected on when then occurred and don't take into account when the mailing was sent. This works if you have a few mailings or Email interactions don't drop off after few days, but if a you have a person who opened a mailing after a few weeks this will contribute negatively in that week. For example, Week 1 you send a mailing to 1,000 people and 100 people opened, your week 1 open rate will be 100/1000, which is fine. Week two you send a mailing to 500 people and 50 people opened this mailing and one person opens last weeks mailing, if you look at the week by week graph it will show open rate for week one to be 10% (100/1000), but week two will have an open rate of 3.4% [(50+1)/(500+1000)]. This open rate theoretically makes sense, but realistically is useless as one person who opened the mailing of last week has made the week by week graph/table unusable. Emails do not have a long shelf life, if a customer doesn't open a mail in one or two days, many won't open it later. Therefore there is no point of having the rates ruin the report by a few outliers, as they would not affect much to the grand scheme. For this reason, reports further you go down from the start of the time frame get further and further from the true open/click rates, as their are always a few outliers that interacted with the Email and cause the metrics to decreased drastically. 

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  • Jan 28 2020
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This enhancement will allow us to present the reports to meetings much better as graphs representing metrics don't mean much as we get 30-40% open rate in the beginning then it falls to 10% or even lower as weeks go on in the graph. Currently this is forcing us to use Gross metrics to find the more accurate open/clicks, as the Rates are not correct. 

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