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Akamai Image Optimization Features

The current integration of IBM’s Watson Content Hub with Akamai does not include image compression settings. Akamai fully supports image compression settings but these features have not been included with Watson Content Hub. The absence of image compression and other Akamai optimization features increases our page load speed, affects our SEO rankings, bounce rates, and ultimately our bottom line.  

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  • Dec 6 2018
How will this idea be used?

This will be used to improve our site performance by compressing images to optimal size before delivery to our content management systems, email, social endpoints.  

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The absence of image compression has a significant negative impact to our business. Our page load speeds will be decreased which will negatively affect SEO rankings, bounce rates, and ultimately our bottom line. Watson Content Hub’s absence of Akamai image compression increases our workload by needing to manually optimize images before uploading to WCH, defeats the ability to store original assets in the DAM, and increases our overhead of managing our digital assets.  

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    06 Dec 17:38

    This seems to be an essential aspect of a DAM-CDN relationship. How can a DAM be considered the 'single source of truth' for original images if the CDN isn't managing image optimization for delivery?